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Bulk food storage bags

Bulk Food Storage Bags, Set of 3

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  • 3 X Large Bags
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  • BULK FOOD STORAGE BAGS WITH TARE WEIGHT ON LABEL: Our reusable produce bags are produced using the best organic cotton without the utilization of any destructive engineered pesticides, or composts. This set incorporates 2 every one of Small (8"x10"), Medium (10"x12"), Large (12"x15") and XL (15"x18"). These reusable staple produce bags are produced using 100% GOTS affirmed organic cotton with each bag having a tare weight on the mark. The bundling is 100% reused paper envelope which makes these bags zero
  • WASHABLE COTTON CLOTH PRODUCE BAGS WITH MULTIPLE USES: Use the bags to strain yogurt, squeeze and nut milk. Cook herbs or flavors into soups. Store valuable china and flatware. These bags can be utilized as nut milk bags, espresso and tea strainer just as reusable bread bag. Sort out bed sheets. The conceivable outcomes are unfathomable. The best part is these bags are washable. Along these lines, if filthy, simply wash them and reuse them. These are additionally incredible organic cotton endowments bags and restorative toiletry bags.
  • Save YOUR PRODUCE IN THESE REUSABLE PRODUCE BAGS SET: These are washable cotton material bags. Our bags are breathable, which means your products of the soil will stay cool, fresh, and crisp for a considerable length of time after you put them in the cooler. These bags are foldable thus you can without much of a stretch store them. They are flawless as lettuce crisper for ice chest and to keep collard greens new.
  • MUSLIN COTTON BAGS AS REUSABLE BULK FOOD BAG: Because our muslin produce bags are produced using 100% regular items, they're totally friendly to nature. They're additionally recyclable – you'll have the option to utilize them consistently, after quite a long time after month, without stressing over them separating or ruining your produce. They can be utilized as mass thing buy bags for espresso, oats, beans and so forth.
  • ECO PRODUCE BAGS and VARIETY: Not all foods grown from the ground are a similar size, so for what reason would the entirety of our bags be a similar size? Our reusable produce bags are accessible in all the various sizes including X-Small (6"x9"), Small (8"x10"), Medium (10"x12"), Large (12"x15") and X-Large (14"x18") estimates so you'll be secured whether your produce is huge or small.