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Flip and tumble set of 5 reusable produce bags

Flip and Tumble Set of 5 Reusable Produce Bags – Washable Mesh Bags for Fruits and Vegetable

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[short_description]Set of 5, 12x14 size Made by 100% pure organic cotton. GOTS certified product. Its very helpful in grocery shopping, packaging, and storage purpose. It has tare weight on tag.
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    • Take out SINGLE-USE PLASTICS - Plastic bags from the produce area of the market can collect actually rapidly and they at last escape which is unsafe to nature. Flip and Tumble's produce bags diminish or dispense with your use of expendable plastic produce bags. Our bags are reusable and machine-launderable so you can use them day by day and keep them for quite a long time to come.

    • Intended FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE - Each reusable mesh produce bag estimates 12x14 inches and is translucent with the goal that substance are noticeable. It is ultra lightweight yet solid and strong to hold your products of the soil. Each bag tips the scales at a negligible 0.4 ounces. The bags likewise have a great time shading labels on the off chance that you need to shading match to explicit natural products, vegetables, or anything you like.

    • Worked TO LAST - Flip and Tumble's produce bags are produced using 100% polyester. This material is a lot lighter, more grounded, increasingly strong, and more launderable than other regular filaments. The bag has twofold sewn creases and is produced using intense polyester that is woven to be tear-verification.

    • Incredible VALUE FOR THE MONEY - The produce bags arrive in a lot of 5 which is certainly an extraordinary incentive for the cash. You can likewise use the bag for various purposes. It serves as a nut milk bag, toy coordinator, travel bag, or clothing bag. Beside that, it's tried to be liberated from BPA, mercury, and lead. It's a safe approach sans plastic and jettison the disposables.

    • Extraordinary GIFT IDEA - Everyone needs to lessen plastic in our condition. Give a lot of Flip and Tumble produce bags to your family, companions, friends and family, and yourself today. It adds somewhat enjoyable to an in any case exhausting or dreary shopping for food trip. You additionally find a workable pace spreading natural mindfulness.