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Earthwise reusable mesh produce bags

Earthwise Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

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  • Set of 9 mesh produce bags
  • Size of each bags 11" X 13.5"
  • Mulitiple use
  • Easy to see whats inside
  • Set aside THE ENVIRONMENT AND Cash - Eliminate Hundreds of Plastic bags. Each mesh produce bag can possibly kill up to 1000 plastic bags over its lifetime.
  • MULTI-USE - These bags arent only for foods grown from the ground, you can utilize them as toy stockpiling bags, nibble bags, little thing clothing bags and considerably more!
  • Simple TO SEE WHATS INSIDE-Our mesh produce bags are LIGHTWEIGHT which makes it simple to see whats inside the bags without opening it. Standardized identifications will EASILY SCAN THROUGH our mesh. Each bag WEIGHS LESS THAN 1/3 OF AN OUNCE so YOU WONT PAY MUCH EXTRA WEIGHT when looking at.

  • Machine washable produce bags are BPA-FREE and nourishment contact safe. Awesome for shopping for all your produce - from little to huge organic product to a wide range of vegetables. Burden all your produce at the general store into our Mesh Produce Bags, grocery store checkout work force can undoubtedly examine produce from the bags, and you can ship them home and store them directly in these astounding bags.

  • Convenient and advantageous, our mesh produce bags will assist you with wiping out several cast off plastic bags. Produced using solid, strong mesh so they will keep going for hundereds of employments.

  • Mesh is so lightweight, it's completely see throughBarcodes will scan right in the bags unlike some of our competitor's bags

  • Multiple uses of produce bags:
    • Store toys 

    • Store small kitchen items

    • Great for toiletries and makeup 

    • Use as snack bags

    • Perfect to
      use while traveling - for all kinds of things

    • Great for washing small laundry items and much more!  

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